photo - Michael G. Stewart

Tex Rubinowitz & Bob Newscaster
The Original Dixieland Rock'N' Roll Band

lThe Old Man Mississippi



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Tex Rubinowitz and Bob Newscaster’s Original Dixieland Rocknroll Band (ODRB) presents a mix of American music from its eclectic origins in the Mississippi River Basin: traditional and original songs; Dixieland horns and rocknroll electric guitar; and a roots style that is familiar yet unique. This project has been in the works for at least two decades and is finally ready for its debut on Patuxent Records. Led by veteran performers/composers, supported by accomplished musicians, recorded by experienced audio engineers, we offer this music from the bottom of our broken hearts.

1. Blue Yodel Number Nine
2. BeBopaLula Stole My Heart
3. The Old Man Mississippi (New Orleans, Louisiana, the Mother of Us All)
4. I Dreamed I Heard Buddy Bolden Play
5. Trying to Get to You
6. One Night Stand
7. Dixiebilly Bop
8. Nelly-Bout Ready
9. All Night Long
10. The Sweetest Sound
11. What's the Matter with the Mill (Millery, Alabama, Summer 1951)
12. Honky Tonk Masterpiece
13. Corrina Corrina
14. Brakeman's Blues
15. Make a Deal with The Devil
16. St. James Infirmary


Tex Rubinowitz - vocal, acoustic rhythm guitar, bandleader, song arranger
Bob Newscaster - lead guitar, session leader, song arranger
Bob Dawson - producer at BIAS, engineer, acoustic rhythm guitar
Tom Mindte - producer at Patuxnet, engineer, accordion (3), mandolin (11)
Bobby Martin - steel guitar (12), electric rhythm guitar (10, 13, 14, 15, 16), “Danny Lick” on end (10), 2nd lead guitar (7)
Graham Breedlove - trumpet, horn section leader and charts
Matt Niess - trombone
Dave Brown - clarinet
Paul Henry - bass
Todd Harrison - drums
Bill Kirchen - 1st guitar lead (2)
Bob Margolin - 2nd guitar lead (8)
Harry Waters - trombone (1)
Dave Perkel - trombone (14)

Back-up vocals:
BIAS: Bob Newscaster, Bob Dawson, Peter Watts, Charles Keeney, Graham Breedlove, Michael Monseur
Patuxent: Bob Newscaster, Tom Mindte, Ben Somerville. Mikey Ambrosino

Rocknroll “Blue Caps” Scream (2) - Jon Strong