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The Maloy Brothers, Frank and Joe,have been playing this music together for over sixty years. Frank Maloy was born January 2, 1927; his younger brother Joe Maloy was born May 15, 1930. They grew up in rural Milan, Georgia in a family in which nearly everyone played stringed instruments. Frank took up the fiddle, Joe the guitar, and the boys learned tunes from relatives, from touring muscians and from the rich musical potpourri which was broadcast over the radio in the prewar era. Frank’s first fiddle bow was haired with sewing thread. Beginning at a very early age,


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1. Magic Melody Reel (A Musical Tribute to George ”Uncle Charlie” Young)
Daniel Greeson

2. Queen of the Delta Waltz
Tom Mindte & Taylor Baker

3. At Break of Dawn Waltz
Casey Driscoll & Nate Leath

4. City of Albany Waltz
Casey Driscoll

5. Nancy’s After Hours Blues Casey Driscoll

6. The Johnny & Phylys Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame Waltz
Casey Driscoll

7. Henry Rutland’s Country Classic Waltz
Patrick McAvinue

8. Shadow Moss Waltz
Casey Driscoll

9. Arty Missy Candy Fishy Georgia Yancey Barntown Williams Rag No. 1
Based on the playing style of Joseph Henry Bullington
Brennen Ernst

10. The Junior Jump Waltz
Corrina Rose Logston

11. Swingin’ Sue’s Swing Fiddle Swing
Casey Driscoll

12. The Rhythm Master’s Red Tag Waltz
Nate Leath

13. The Pete & Faye Hatfield Old Time Key of G Rag
Billy Hurt, Jr.

14. The Rhythm Master’s Light and Easy Swing
Casey Driscoll

15. Washington County Georgia Hornpipe
Casey Driscoll

16. Polly’s Old Time Country Waltz
Nate Leath

17. Leon Kennington Waltz
Nate Grower

18. Queen of the Delta Waltz
The Maloy Brothers (Frank & Joe)

Frank Maloy's compositions played by various artists.

Patuxent CD-290
"Frank Maloy Fiddle Tunes"

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CD191 159 Original Georgia Fiddle Tunes          

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Frank Maloy - Fiddle
Joe Maloy - Guitar

  Time Will Tell * I'm Alone Because I Love You *  Always *  Song of the Wanderer *
  Poinciana *  Charmaine *  Embraceable You * Mary's Tune *
  Japanese Sandman *  My Wonderful One *  The Very Thought of You *
  Some of These Days *   When I Take My Sugar to Tea *   Besame Mucho *
  There Goes That Song Again *  China Boy *  Someone to Watch Over Me *
  Queen of the Delta Waltz

Frank and Joe played in several Georgia bands, cutting their musical teeth playing theaters, parties, and dances around their local area; they performed a mixture of southern square dance music and western swing. Frank soon bought a copy of M.M. Cole’s 1000 Fiddle Tunes from Sears and Roebuck. Motivated by a desire to learn the traditional fiddletunes contained in that volume, the boys learned to read music from a "U. S. School of Music" correspondence course. By 1946, the two teenagers were performing over radio station WBHB in Fitzgerald, Georgia with Charlie Dowdy and the Prairie Boys. Their music spanned country, western swing, and popular styles. The youngsters’ natural curiosity about other instruments led them to expand their instrumental skills.

159 Original Georgia Fiddle Tunes

Composed by Frank Maloy
Played by Casey Driscoll & Jon Grisham

Over time, Frank learned guitar, mandolin, saxophone and clarinet; Joe added five-string banjo and bass to his guitar proficiency. In 1950, Frank began a ten-year stint playing on TV and radio with "Uncle Ned and the Hayloft Jamboree" at WMAZ in Macon. Meanwhile, Joe was working with the WMAZ-TV staff band, "The Polka Dots." Subsequently, the two brothers organized a dance band called "The Swingmasters," playing in the Macon area for a number of years. During the 1980’s, the two played "beach music" and '50's rock and roll in the Outer Banks area of North Carolina. They returned to south Georgia and played swing and dance music with the Dave Mercer Band for over a decade. The brothers recently reorganized under their old name "The Swingmasters," and perform at dances and concerts throughout the south Georgia region. While Joe has had other careers in addition to playing music, Frank has spent his entire life in music, as performer, teacher, and arranger and transcriber for numerous bands. He has transcribed thousands of songs into several huge volumes covering most of America’s swing, jazz, and pop repertoire. Joe’s remarkable guitar accompaniment spans a startling range of styles, from western swing to jazz to Latin rhythms. His guitar work anticipates Frank’s phrasing on the violin, evidence of the long musical association of this duo. Frank’s magical violin style displays warmth, love for the material, and exquisite taste. This is the first commercial recording of the Maloy brothers.

  -Jack Leiderman