Patrick McAvinue is a rising star in the traditional music heavens, having flared into fame as a fiddle prodigy in his early teens, now a fulltime fiddler with the award-winning Audie Blaylock and Redline

Young, fresh, inspiring, talented, stubborn, spirited, and gifted are all
adjectives that describe bluegrass fiddler, Patrick McAvinue. It was in Elementary School, at the age of seven, when his best buddy introduced him to the fine art of fiddling.

Many great fiddle virtuosos including Troy Engle, Benny Martin, Stuart Duncan, Aubrey Haynie, Mark O'Connor, and Rickie Simpkins have all inspired Patrick.


Charm City Junction

Frog on a Lily Pad * Last Chance * Train on The Island *
Joe Bane’s Barndance * Greasy Coat * Margaret's Waltz *
I've Got a Woman * Two O'Clock in the Morning *
Bogs of Shanaheaver * I'm Troubled *
Torn Jacket / Come West Along the Road *
Cousin Sally Brown * Return from Helsinki * New River Train

Patrick McAvinue – fiddle, mandolin, vocals
Brad Kolodner – banjo, vocals
Alex Lacquement – bass, vocals
Sean McComiskey – accordion

Patrick McAvinue
Rutland's Reel- 2008

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Rutland's Reel * With Body and Soul * Irish Spring *
Skip Hop and Wobble *
Henry Rutland's Country Classic Waltz * Charleston No. 1 * Down Yonder *
Lonesome Without You * Rinky Dinky Do* No Longer a Sweetheart *
Soppin' the Gravy * Old Dangerfield

Patrick McAvinue    Michael Cleveland     Jesse Brock
Audie Blaylock     Barry Reid     Pete Kelly
Chris Warner     Nate Leath     Bobby Goff, Jr

Patrick McAvinue
Grave Run - 2006

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Road to Columbus * Tennessee Wagoner * Pick Me Up on Your Way Down *
Blackberry Blossom * Uncle Woody * Amazing Grace * Grave Run *
From the Manger to the Cross * Cuttin' Loose *
Ode to a Vending Machine / Barnum's Dance * Back Up and Push
New Five Cents * Sunday Morning Waltz * Sunny Side of the Mountain

Patrick McAvinue  Troy Engle  Chris Warner  Kristin McAvinue  
Sammy Shelor  David McLaughlin  Dudley Connell
Marshall Wilborn  Mike Auldridge  Jordan Tice
Audie Blaylock   Bobby Davis